5 Inspiring Projects to Kickstart your Sewjo

I have been working so much lately and have had no time at all for fun sewing. But I’m determined to carve out some time very soon so that I can breakout of this burnout I’ve been feeling! So I was browsing my saved folders today and I thought I’d share a few items that are on my short list of things to make!

Patchwork Duffle bag from Knot and Thread

1. Patchwork Duffle bag by Knot and Thread Design

High on my WIP list is a Patchwork Duffle bag from Kaithlyn of Knot and Thread Design (@knotandthread). I started one of these last year and would really like to finish it this year! I’d love to make a few for my girls for road trips too! They’re so fun and Kaitlyn makes bag making easy for someone like me!

Alpen Belt Bag by Center Street Quilts

2. Alpen Belt Bag by Center Street Quilts

I’m also dying to make an Alpen Belt Bag by @centerstreetquilts. Kristina’s reels help someone like me who is a visual learner. I’m definitely making one of these this summer.

Selvedge Quilt by Spunstraw

3. Rainbow Selvedge Quilt by Spunstraw

I’ve been collecting selvedges forEVER. I’d love to finally make a selvedge quilt this year! This rainbow version by @spunstraw looks absolutely amazing. I might need to copy her!

Quilt block by Silvers Stitches

4. Quilt Blocks by Silvers Stitches

I ran across these blocks by @silversstitches on my explore page and I am OBSESSED with them. If I didn’t have so much on my plate right now, I’d drop everything and make an entire quilt of these blocks! It’s going towards the top of my quilts-to-make wish list!

Inside the Paper Box

5. Basically Anything by Inside the Paper Box

Everything @insidethepaperbox crochets is gold. Jessie amazes me with her talent! I’m only at granny square level when it comes to crochet but I aspire to be like Jessie when I grow up!

What about you? What are you working on or wish you were working on? Let me know, maybe I’ll add a few more items to my list! 😁