3 Things No One Tells You About Quilting

1. Imperfections are part of the beauty!

When it comes to quilting, perfection is not always the ultimate goal. Quilts are often cherished for their handmade qualities and the love and effort put into creating them. Small imperfections can actually add character and uniqueness to a quilt. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your quilt isn’t flawless; embrace the imperfections as part of its charm. All that being said, there’s no shame in using your seam ripper if needed! Just don’t let yourself be consumed by perfectionism!

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2. Quilting requires a bit of patience

It’s not a quick, instant-gratification type of hobby. From selecting fabrics and patterns to cutting, piecing, and sewing, quilting requires time and attention to detail. It’s important to approach quilting with a patient mindset, understanding that it’s a process that takes time. Enjoy the journey of creating a quilt rather than rushing to the finish line!

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3. Proper preparation is key

Before diving into quilting, take the time to prepare. This includes fabric selection, pressing, accurately cutting your fabric, and being generally organized. Rushing through these initial steps can lead to frustration and negatively impact the overall outcome of your quilt. Investing time in careful preparation will result in a smoother quilting experience and a better final product.

Remember to embrace the imperfections, take your time, and have fun creating a unique and cherished quilt! You got this!