Quilting burnout is your best friend

 If you are feeling burned out, that’s great! It’s a sign that it’s time to make a change for the better. Here are three ideas that have helped me:

1. It's ok to let go of projects that no longer serve you

Why do we think we have to hold on to every project we’ve ever started? Is it a scarcity mentality? Waste not, want not? It’s like our parents’ voices are in our heads telling us to finish every bite of food on our plate. But what if keeping every project you’ve ever started so that you “one day” finish something you no longer love is actually contributing to burnout because it is keeping you from doing things you are excited about and actually want to do?

Now I’m not saying you should be distracted by every new shiny & pretty project you see and want to make. But maybe some of those projects you’ve been holding onto for years are what you need to let go of. The truth is, there are two ways to finish a project. You can literally complete it or you can move on from it. Sell it, donate it, or throw it away (I give you permission)!

2. Burnout is a great time to rebalance and reprioritize your time

Does your life feel unbalanced? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things? Maybe when burnout comes knocking it’s a good to examine everything that’s on your plate. Slow down, take time for yourself, and decide what matters most. Often times when we clear unnecessary things that are cluttering our time, we find that we then have the energy for our creative pursuits. Prioritize the things that feed your creativity and your soul!

3. Burnout can be a restorative pause for your creativity

I like to give myself permission to pause. Instead of forcing myself to work on WIPs, I like to clean my sewing room out, do some organization, and get rid of the clutter. It’s ok that there are projects and fabrics waiting for me. It’s not a race to make all the things. Allowing myself time away helps to unlock my creativity and when I have time to get back into my sewing room, I’m ready to put the (sewing) pedal to the metal! 

To be honest, I’m experiencing creative burnout right now. I’ve been cutting Yankee Doodle Dandy quilt kits for weeks during one of the busiest months of the year. I have zero desire to sew anything for fun. So, as soon as I’m finished with these kits (this week!) I’ll be taking my own advice! 

P.S. If you’re in need of some organization help, grab my free 2023 Quilting Organizer PDF pack.