2024 Quilting Organizer PDF Pack

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Quilters! Get organized and motivated this year with the Maker Valley 2024 Quilting Organizer PDF Pack. Maker Valley founder (and avid quilter) Holly Lesue (@makervalley) created these organizers for herself at the beginning of 2015 to help her get a handle on her many (MANY) unfinished quilting projects. Since then, she's completed 216 quilts! (23 in 2015, 30 in 2016, 31 in 2017, 25 in 2018, 40 in 2019, 31 in 2020, 20 in 2021, and 16 in 2022) Holly attributes her productivity to being more organized and motivated—thanks to this pack!

What's Included

  • Quilts to Make in 2024 (The Dreamer)
  • WIPS to Finish in 2024 (The Terminator)

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